Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Cosmetic surgeries are a boon to the society and for people born with any visible deformities. It shows that there are still chances for them to look normal and transform their life. For people, who are not happy with their appearances and want to alter some parts, also take advantage of such surgeries that bears […]

The World of Coffee

The World of Coffee

The world of coffee is huge. There are so many machines, different blends and sizes and shape of grind. It has health benefits and can be used for anything from drinking it, enemas, face packs to anti-cellulite preparations and anti-ageing creams. Coffee has been consumed over many thousands of years and apparently dates back to the […]

Blessed Life

I am a very lucky man. I always have been. Don’t get me wrong, things haven’t just fallen into my lap, I work hard, but some people work hard and never achieve what I have. I was blessed to have a great childhood, with parents who never struggled for money, they loved me so much and […]

I Love Smoothies

When looking for a smoothie maker, you need to look around, do your research and use a reliable shop when buying online. Work out your rice range, size, functions and what you need it for.  Some machines can be pricey, so you need to know how much you will use it, to make sure it is […]

Yaiks a Mouth Sore

There are many different types of sore that can occur around the mouth.  Some are cause for serious concern and others are just irritating and unsightly. For a problem that does not go away within 10 days a dentist or physician should be consulted. Symptoms of candida Candida or thrush is a fungal infection that occurs […]

Fighting the Good Fight

People would always look at my clothes looked and how my hair was prepared, and they never really took the time to understand who was underneath the clothes. I know that happens a lot, and its pretty much impossible to get past – no matter where you live, people will be able to build up opinions […]