Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Cosmetic surgeries are a boon to the society and for people born with any visible deformities. It shows that there are still chances for them to look normal and transform their life. For people, who are not happy with their appearances and want to alter some parts, also take advantage of such surgeries that bears […]

Yaiks a Mouth Sore

There are many different types of sore that can occur around the mouth.  Some are cause for serious concern and others are just irritating and unsightly. For a problem that does not go away within 10 days a dentist or physician should be consulted. Symptoms of candida Candida or thrush is a fungal infection that occurs […]

Happy & Healthy

I have been working in an old folk’s home as a healthcare assistant for 8 years. It is a hard but very rewarding job and you can really make a difference in people’s lives. The reason I started working in a home is because of my grandma. My grandma became frail in her later years […]