Fighting the Good Fight

People would always look at my clothes looked and how my hair was prepared, and they never really took the time to understand who was underneath the clothes. I know that happens a lot, and its pretty much impossible to get past – no matter where you live, people will be able to build up opinions about you due to what youre wearing. Even if you think youre in the most unbiased place on the planet, you still need to look at how you approach your style. If you go to a place ridden with poverty, yet youre wearing three hundred dollar sunglasses, people are going to look at your presence in a negative light.

I always though that the first impression you give somebody is the strongest, so whenever you want to get a job or something, you should always be on your best behavior (and look your best) for the very first interview. Even if you feel like the odds of you landing that job are very slim, approaching it with caution is the best way to do so. I cant even remember how many times Ive gone to a job interview, only to realize that I left a few of my “hobby pins” on a pair of suspenders – then again, Im 25 and suspenders probably werent the best idea in the first place.

Pick your clothes wisely, make sure they apply to the situation at hand and you should be good to go. It doesnt matter how often youre trying to go about improving your wardrobe, all that matters is you actually accomplish that task. I didnt even spend large amounts of money to do it, you dont have to have any of those high-end brands in your closet. If you want to look like you belong, youre going to need a little help – not all of us can be the black sheep. It was fun to do so for a little while, but its all about perception. You can be perceived any way you would like, and some people just dont care when all is said and done. Your clothes will play a large role in how successful you are in the business industry, but for some careers, how you dress doesnt matter.

My hair is always causing me problems, as styling it has become very hard over the years. I used to sport thick and luscious locks, and while theyre still present, theyve definitely gotten a little bit of Grey to them now. I needed a hair dryer that wasnt going to completely dry out my hair as well, as I have a need for moist (healthy-looking) hair – Im a model and its pretty much a must.

I need a hair dryer that can have anything I want quickly done, but also without damaging my hair. Ive pondered what my life would be like as a bald man, and I dont think it would be too good. I know plenty of people in the world have the ability to sport a bald head with ease, but I would definitely say Im not one of them. The hair dryer isnt just for my work either, as Ive still got to look good when I go out on dates and such. The perfect hair dryer is one that can handle all of your needs at a reasonable price, so look for anything that seems competitive.

If you want to make the most of your appearance, try and change your style up. If you havent had much success with the ladies, theres probably a reason for it – and wearing a white tee-shirt to your accounting interview isnt an ideal situation to be in either. Take these tips to heart and youll come out looking ten times better than you did beforehand, because change for the better can never be overlooked. I used to question everything I wore, even if I was a model, I didnt have the best fashion sense. People would always tell me what to wear at work! When it comes to hair, all I need is the proper tools.

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